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Research & Development

In order to always provide our Customers the latest and innovative technical solutions, we’ve been adopting research and development of new products and solutions as our way of working.

This method aims to a constant improvement of the safety, reliability, durability and performance of our products and results in tested automation elements to be customized according to the customer’s own requirements.

Some Examples:


CATATRONIC is a special application, derived from our patented CTLN PLATFORM, for load management on electric hoist winches.

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LNRD Management System

By listening to the voice of the End Users but also of the managers, operators and maintenance personnel, it was set up the latest version of our machine LNRD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

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Variable Torque Brake

The device, installed on hundreds of machines worldwide since many years, enables the correct emergency braking for inertial movements with wide variations allowing to control or electrically release the brake.

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